A Ghanaian man living in Lapaz, Accra, who was just having fun with the United States Diversity Visa Program last has won the lottery with a photo of his dog.

The man wanted to be sure if the system is much concerned about photo technical specifications or just the size of the photos.

“I was just having fun with my dogs and cats at home. My dog, Bob, won. hahaha”, the man said.

The man says he is yet to decide whether to process for the dog or not but the U.S did not state anywhere that pets are included in the program as winners need to show that they have completed High School.

The U.S DV 2020 results were released on May 7, 2019 and the website has been down since. The whole world is on the site trying to check the outcome of their entrants.

Looks like everyone wants to go to the United States. Congrats to Bob!