Who is Dr Chomo On Tiktok? He goes by the name DrChomo. The Discord account is going frenzy right now and is a hot topic on Reddit as well.

Why is he famous? What did he do? Let us learn about all the ruckus and noise that has been lingering on the internet.

What Is Dr Chomo? TikTok Name is DrChomo

Dr Chomo is a Tiktok user who goes by the username @drchomo.

His account has been deleted as of now, but he still remains a hot topic on TikTok and Discord.

Chomo’s name and all the other information regarding him vanish in thin air, just like him, who is nowhere to be found throughout the social media.

Here Is What We Know On His Discord 

Dr chomo doesn’t have his own discord account. 

But, he spent two and a half years infiltrating the largest Lgbt discord ever.

He later became the admin, then blocked every single member of the discord, finally deleting the discord permanently.

Now, the discord account cannot be recovered, as per the sources. 

There’s this dude on tiktok named drchomo who spent 2 and a half years infiltrating the largest lgbt discord ever, became the admin, then blocked every single member of the discord and purged all the channels, finally deleting the discord permanently. There’s no way to restore it

— Patriarch Prime ☦️ (@PatriarchPrimus) May 4, 2021

So, We can say he has made the whole Lgbt community against him, pissing all of them.

Many people have given thoughts about him and some have commented as “Pretending to be gay for 2.5 years might actually be gayer than actually being gay. At least your average gay person is ashamed of it. 

Others Commented as: ” What’s the ROI here? 2.5 years of work just to delete a chat room.“

But some of them are not the believer of such Ruckus as one commented: “I don’t believe this. No admin of a massive grooming discord is going to give up control, there’s no proof, and LGBT people would be shouting about murdering that guy on Twitter.“

So, No one can confirm did he actually deleted the discord account, or is it just another hoax grooming through TikTok.

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