Bill Gates’ ex-girlfriend Ann Winblad doesn’t have any children despite her marriage of over six years with husband Alex. 

Ann L. Winblad is a businesswoman from the United States. She is known as the founder of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.

Furthermore, Winblad is a tech engineer and venture capitalist with whom Gates reportedly spent long weekends at a comfortable beach cottage in North Carolina, US.

Does Ann Winblad Have Children?

Ann Winblad hasn’t revealed any information about her children. So, we are unknown about whether she has children or not.

Even if she has kids, their names and other details remain a mystery.

However, Ann Winblad is a married woman.

She is the wife of private San Francisco investigator Edward Alex Klein.

Learn more about Ann Winblad, the ex whom Bill Gates would regularly visit for annual getaways without his wife Melinda (who knew about these vacations).

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Bill Gates Ex-Girlfriend Ann Winblad Young Photos

According to her LinkedIn profile, Winblad wears an impressive jacket and has occupied many positions in Silicon Valley.

In 1996, Winblad told Wired magazine about a casual weekend trip the two took to Cabo San Lucas, adding that once the two arrived in Mexico.

Bill Gates’ ex-girlfriend said that they share their perspectives on the worlds and on themselves.

And they wonder at how, as two teenage overachievers, they embarked on a great journey on the outskirts of a little-known industry and ended up at the core of an incredible universe.

Ann Winblad Husband And Married Life

According to the New York Post, Bill Gates’ ex-girlfriend Ann Winblad married Alex six years ago, around 2015.

Alex is a private investigator and a Standford University graduate who appeared as an extra in his brother’s 1988 film, ‘A Fish Named Wanda.’

He investigates crimes of murders and disappearances as a private detective.

But, despite Ann and Alex’s marriage of six years, there have been no news of the two parenting any children together.

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