Do Ellie Bailey and Shuan Bailey have children? Yes, the couple is parents to young teenagers.

Shaun Bailey is prepared and bracing for the London Mayoral election results. He is currently behind, Sadiq Khan to become the next Mayor of London. Similarly, his journey is accompanied by his wife Ellie Bailey.  

Learn About Ellie Bailey and Shaun Bailey Children

Ellie Bailey and Shaun Bailey have 2 children.

The couple has an older daughter named Aurora, who is 14 years old. Similarly, their son, Joshua, is 12 years old. Furthermore, they even make frequent appearances with Shaun on his Mayoral campaigns and rallies. 

Ellie Bailey is Shaun Bailey’s wife. 

Eillie Bailey and Shaun Bailey have been married for over 18 years now. Ellie mentioned that she fell in love with Shaun for his devotion to disadvantaged young people. In fact, the first conversation they had was about Shaun’s job as a youth worker.

Now, Shaun Bailey is on the run to be the mayor of London. He is also serving as member of the conservative party since 2018. Furthermore, he is head to head in ballot numbers against labour party candidate, Sadiq Khan. 

Is Ellie Bailey on Wikipedia?

Ellie Bailey’s Wikipedia page is not available for now.

Bailey is a History teacher by profession. She teaches in a state school based in London. In addition, she also works as a political assistant for her husband now.

Ellie Bailey seems around her late 30s. She might be around her husband age, who will turn 50 years old in 2021. Furthermore, she belongs to the white ethnicity, while her husband represents the black community. 

Her Role as Mayoral Candidate Wife

In 2021, the media extensively captured Ellie Bailey with her spouse. She supported his every political promotions and appearance. Moreover, the couple even voted together for the Mayoral election on May 6, 2021. 

Born in West London, Shaun Bailey was elected in the London Assembly in 2016. Likewise, the conservative party selected him as the Mayoral candidate in 2018. The final results of the election are scheduled to come out on May 8, 2021.

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