After the release of the ‘Black is King’ film by Beyonce which had Shatta Wale on the ‘Already’ music video which made history yesterday 31, July.
It seems the hate on Shatta Wale is too much that Da’Hammer of  Last Two fame has added his voice to the people who still doubt the project.
He posted it on his facebook to show his displeasure on the issue. He wrote; “I knew the haters will surface right after the congrats begin to fade out.
They don’t believe something like this could have been kept a secret for this long so clearly to them it must be fake.
Actually If you’re familiar with Beyoncé’s work ethic you wld knw that she’s the epitome of surprise releases, so I’m personally not surprised that they were able to keep this quiet for this long.
It’s obvious she pulled this off when we all heard she had arrived in Ghana for the year of return.
Personally I believe that’s when the video was shot… and they must have had an agreement with the Shatta movement to hush about it, so what’s so difficult to fathom here.
When ppl can’t achieve something they turn to doubt others who do. Sad
She even surprised the whole world with her last album when she released the entire body of work including all videos while her closest friends and some family members had no clue.
So haters can u be quiet and allow our youth to be inspired pls. We beg.
Below is a screenshot: