Facts of Christopher Bourdain

Full Name Christopher Bourdain
First Name Christopher
Last Name Bourdain
Profession Financer
Father Name Pierre Bourdain
Mother Name Gladys Bourdain
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
No Of Children 2
Sibilings Anthony Bourdain

Christopher Bourdain is a financier who is best known as the brother of famous American chef Anthony Bourdain. 

His Married Life and Children

He is very private about his married life, so we do not have much information on this. 

However, what we know is that he shares two children with his wife. 

His mother Gladys Bourdain, in her New York obituary, mentioned that she has survived by three grandchildren. 

As we already know, Anthony had an only child so it is clear that Christopher is the father of the other two children.

How is he coping with the grief of his brother and mother’s death?

He was already dealing with the grief of his brother’s death in 2018, and then recently, his mother too passed away. 

His mother passed away on Jan 10, 2020, due to increasing debilitating health problems.

In an interview with TODAY, he said that June was not about mourning his brother. It was about celebrating him. 

Anthony’s close friends namely Eric Ripert and Jose Andres toasted their friend on his birthday, I .e.June 25. 

In another interview with GQ, he said, 

“The death certificate that was printed in France listed as his profession ‘chef.’ And I tried for months to figure out, what is the appropriate way to describe what Tony has been for the last seven or eight years? There’s no description for it.


What influenced Anthony to try new things?

In an interview with TODAY, Christopher opened up about his brother. 

He said that it was their parents who influenced the two brothers to try out new things. 

He said, 

“We ate Danish in New York, we went to Chinatown regularly. When Indians showed up in the 1970s, we tried it. When the sushi was a new thing in the ‘70s, we tried it.”

What is he doing?

He chose to follow a different path than his brother. He decided to choose a lucrative career path and so became a financier. 

According to TODAY, he is currently working as a banker.

His Brother’s Net Worth

His brother was a rich man with a considerable net worth of $16 million. Anthony garnered most of his earnings from his career as a chef. 

How Did Anthony Earn It?

The journey to becoming a multimillionaire was not comfortable. He entered the restaurant industry as a dishwasher. 

He was quite hardworking as he worked at various restaurants while still studying in college. 

He has appeared in several TV shows, including Top Chef, Top Chef All-Stars, The Mind of a Chef, and The Taste. 

He has appeared in movies such as Far Cry and The Big Short. 

In 2002 the famous chef’s travel and food series, A Cook’s Tour’ premiered on the Food Network. The series had 35 episodes in total, which ran for two seasons. 

He has hosted shows like The Layover, Parts Unknown, and No Reservations. 

Besides being a chef and host, he was also a writer. In 1999 his first writing, “Don’t Eat Before Reading This,” was featured in the New Yorker. 

Below is the list of his publications:


His father’s name is Pierre Bourdain.His parents separated in 1980.His mother inked the name of his dead son Anthony on her wrist so that she honor his memories.

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