The week is still young but looks like the biggest news to replace Kennedy and Tracy’s wedding is in.

GHS145 million that was paid to the Christian Council to undertake several peace projects toward the 2020 Elections is nowhere to be found.

Though three members of the council are signatory to the accounts, they have all denied ever withdrawing funds from the accounts.

The GHS145 million was paid to the council as part of provisions made by the 2019 budget to help support their 2020 activities as the election draws near.

Five members of the council who want to stay anonymous said they never knew the government paid such money to the council.

Bank records show that the funds were withdrawn electronically and as such do not have details on who performed the transaction. The spokesperson for the Christian Council said on radio on Tuesday that the media, especially blogs should be circumspect with their reportage on the missing money and urged them to check footers of websites [including this one probably] for disclaimers.