There’s good news in for Ghanaian prisoners who might have thought that there was no hope for them to re-integrate into society after serving their terms.

The 2020 Budget read by Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta budgeted Prisoners in the country’s 2020 expenditure.

According to the budget which aims at giving Ghanaians a better life to urge Ghanaians keep the NPP in 2020, Prisoners will participate in an exchange program in the United States, Inter-Prisons Exchange Program.

The exchange program is aimed at providing the prisoners the needed skills and training to be able to fit into society once they are done serving their terms.

The exchange program also gives prisoners opportunities to take up certain jobs in the United States in order to pay their fines, if any.

U.S prisoners who were to also visit Ghana on the same program say they are currently not interested.