Patience Osafo, the woman who was brutalised by a Policeman in a Rambo style has deposited all the donations she has received at Midland Savings and Loans.

After a video showing the a brutality of a Mortal Kombat went viral on the internet, several people have made donations to the woman and she has since received at least GHS 40,000.

The woman told Baffour Gyawu of [email protected] that BestPoint Savings and Loans was scared to open account for her so she was left with no option than to utilise her account at the Midland Savings and Loans.

“BestPoint is scared I may collapse their bank too. Though I promised them that I won’t disobey orders of their Policemen, they still seem scared. So I have to use my account at Midlands” – the woman said.

The woman added that several banks have rejected her as a customer. The woman explained that she met several people at the bank who were coming for their monies. “They took my money and shared to those who were coming for theirs”- she added.