Thousands of investors have gathered at various joints to celebrate the comeback of gold dealing firm Menzgold that got its trading platform suspended nearly a month ago.

The Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) lifted the ban few hours after the firm announced that it has acquired the services of Amsterdam & Partners LLP for the legal battle.

Amsterdam & Partners LLP has never lost a case since its establishment. They saved Kenya’s Vice President at the ICC, and freed Liberia’s Charles Taylor.

The law firm’s engagement might have triggered the swift lifting of the ban on Menzgold’s Gold Vault Market.

Hundreds of investors who spoke to [email protected]‘s Baffour Gyawu said they are so happy that they no longer wish to terminate their contracts but to continue enjoying the mouthwatering 10% interests on their investments.

Some also said they are dashing NAM1 some percentage of their investments for staying true to his words by ensuring Menzgold’s comeback.

Menzgold however says it’s not interested in SEC lifting the suspension and would still face them in court to teach them a lesson. SEC is therefore calling on the general public to plead on their behalf as they fear to face this international law firm in court. Customers told our reporter that they are interested in having SEC taught some lessons than them getting their monies.

Menzgold is now considering suspending itself if SEC fails to reverse its decision of lifting the suspension.