Bishop Daniel Obinim says the National Lottery Authority (NLA) has angered him after he was asked to stop giving out lotto numbers which may eventually collapse NLA.

Obinim says the monies with the authority are those of the users and as such he would continue to give out numbers to make sure NLA gets broke.

“Where did they get all those monies from? They are monies from the losers. I’ll take all of them back” – Obinim said.

The Angel went ahead to give 5 numbers as those to expect in the National Weekly’s draw on Saturday. The numbers are 40 – 32 – 48 – 89 – 36.

Many people have testified that Bishop Obinim made them won lottery and today the prophet says he wants all Ghanaians to win.

National Weekly lotto is a product of the National Lottery Authority and draws every Saturday.