Facts of Billy Mckeague

Full Name Billy Mckeague
First Name Billy
Last Name Mckeague
Profession Former hockey player and a golf instructor
Father Name Chase McKeague
Mother Name Lynn McKeague
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Relation With Victoria Azarenka
No Of Children 1
Sibilings Lisa McKeague and Charlie McKeague
Height 185 cm
Date of Birth 1989

Billy Mckeague is a former hockey player and a golf instructor. 

He got popular and publicly known after his relationship with famous tennis playerVictoria Azarenka.

Dating And Past Affairs

Billy seems to be single currently, as there has been no rumors about him dating anyone. 

There is also no rumor about him being married or having a wife.

 But his past relationship with world no. One tennis player in the year 2012, Victoria Azarenka, made quite a news. 

How They Met?

The duo met in Kauai, Hawaii, when Victoria visited there to meet her friends and world-renowned volleyball player Gabrielle Reece and her husband Laird Hamilton who is a surfer. 

And in Hawaii at golf resorts in the North Shore, Billy used to serve as a Golf Pro. 

His Then Girlfriend Broke Up With Her Love And Fell in Love With Him

Victoria was dating someone else and had a boyfriend at that time. 

But she could not help herself falling for Billy and broke up with her then boyfriend. 

And that is how their love affair started to bloom. The couple was very much in love with each other. 

His Then Girlfriend Pregnant

Victoria bought a house in Manhattan Beach, California, and they started living together.

Victoria announced her pregnancy on 15th July 2016. Below you can see the picture of Victoria and Billy at the time when Victoria was pregnant.

On 19th December 2016, they welcomed their son and named him Leo Mckeague. The couple was not married when they had a child together. 

During those times, Victoria kept on praising about her partner Billy about how he was a doting father and supportive boyfriend that he was supporting Victoria’s career in tennis. 

She also added that at such a young age, he was an amazing father.

He even went to Minsk for Victoria where her practice was carried out, he put his career on hold and took care of their son there and supported his girlfriend.

Break up, Heartbreaking

But by July 2017, the couple separated and ended their relationship.

After their separation, Victoria mentioned that Billy does not respect women, and his mother was also laughing when Billy was disrespecting Victoria. 

She even questioned the norms and values his parents gave him.

Fighting for child’s custody

After they broke up, they were fighting for Leo’s custody. 

Leo was born in America, and Victoria did not have American citizenship because of that, she could not take him out of California. 

She missed two major tennis matches as she was fighting for her child’s custody and could not leave him. 

Later the child custody went to the mother.

Relationship with son

Even though Leo lives with Victoria, Billy does not miss any opportunity to spend time with his son. 

His son is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Billy is seen spending quality time with Leo as he loves him the most.

Net Worth, Brilliant 

The total net worth of Billy is not known. However, his ex-girlfriend Victoria is rumored to have a net worth of whopping $15 million. 

Billy has accumulated good wealth through his career as a hockey player and golf instructor.

Below is the list of top earnings golfers.


Billy’s birth details are not available, but he was rumored to be born in the year 1989.He was born to parents Chase McKeague and Lynn McKeague.He has two siblings one sister and another brother, Lisa McKeague and Charlie McKeague.He is very tall and has a height of 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 meters.He has beautiful blue eyes, and his hair is naturally brown.

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