Chinese firm Huaseng Maiteng has agreed to mark part of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for free after their proposal to mark the whole papers for $98 million was rejected.

Spokesperson for Huaseng Maiteng, Shinki Cheonai, says the firm has agreed to mark the Twi and Ga papers for free.

“Some of our employees want to study Twi and Ga languages so we have decided to let them mark the Twi and Ga papers for free as they educate themselves through the marking process” – Cheonai said.

The firm added that they would employ a special marking scheme and look forward to complete the whole task in a week time.

“We will employ a Chinese marking scheme. Below 80% is FAIL so once a student gets more than 20% wrong, we stop marking. We should be done in a week time.” Cheonai added.