The oldest and most famous angel in the heavenly world, right Angel Gabriel has claimed responsibility for Angel Obinim’s recent illness that has kept him hospitalised for days.

In a press meeting with the Angel Gabriel, he confirmed to be responsible for the sickness that the founder and leader of International Godsway Church (IGWC), Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim is going true.

“He is just a child, he was made an angel not too long ago and he is all over the place (KOD’s voice) claiming he’s superior to me and will soon be made God. This is total disrespect to all of us here and that boy must be taught some lessons” – He said.

News emerged that the recently ordained angel was so sick this week and admitted at the hospital for that reason he could not show up in court for a case brought against him.

Few days ago, Angel Obinim claimed he will soon be made God in a new video that was circulated on social media.

“The angelic gift I have received, if I am faithful to my father Jesus he will give me Exodus Chapter 7. God told Moses you are God. What he says is final. The next gift will be Jesus declaring me as a God and that is final. I can command money and other things,” he bragged.