The President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo, has been hospitalised at the 37 Military Hospital under critical condition.

Journalists are investigating how the President was transported to the hospital as the country of over 25 million people are left with only 5 ambulances.

Doctor cum chief satirist Baffour Gyawu who attended to the president told a group of journalists that Akufo Addo has been diagnosed with Deception.

According to satirist doctor, symptoms were evident on the president’s face and it didn’t take him so much time to notice that Nana Addo was suffering from Deception.

Dr. Baffour added that he has prescribed drugs for the president to fulfill all the campaign promises he made.

“He made so much promises. It’s hard to treat this kind of sickness without him going back to fulfill his promises.” Dr. Baffour said.

Akufo Addo revealed that Bawumia has also contracted the disease.