Getting ambulances for the country has found its way into the ruling NPP’s manifesto for elections 2020. Because of this, it has become tough for the government to release the ambulances which are supposed to serve as a fulfilment of 2020 campaign promise after the coming elections.

Akufo Addo says he did not expect the ambulances to arrive in Ghana so quickly because he requested for customised vehicles which were supposed to take over a year to deliver.

“My promise is getting ambulances for Ghana by 2021. This is my campaign promise since I’m done with FREE SHS, I can now focus on the ambulances. Just vote for the NPP and have your ambulances a week after elections”, Akufo Addo said in a soliloquy.

In the concluding part of the president’s monologue, he said the arrival of the rest of the ambulances is December 2020 and distribution will follow as soon as he wins elections.