After 17 days, the 13 people — 12 players and a coach — from a Thailand boy’s soccer team trapped in a cave have been successfully rescued.

The boys were happy in the caves when news reached them that they will be in Russia to watch the World Cup finals.

In latest development, six (6) cricket players have intentionally trapped themselves in the same caves in order to receive invitation from FIFA to watch the World Cup finals in Russia.

Other members of the cricket team hold placards with messages like “Our friends are trapped. They need World Cup invitation”, “We are trapped, invite us to World Cup”, “Rescue us and send us to World Cup”.

The intentionally trapped boys left a message that they would be hiding at a safer place to ensure smooth and swift rescue as they want to be fit to attend the World Cup.

Rescue and Emergency Services say they may not rescue the 6 boys.

“We will rescue them ourselves or we will join them and rescue ourselves, we can” the rest of the team told the press and added that they only need World Cup invitation to watch the finals.